1. What Does a Typical Position Duration with OVTLYR Look Like?

Behaviors take time to manifest into opportunities, and the amount of time can fluctuate. There is no crystal ball for the stock market, but in thorough testing we have observed the following:

  • During periods of extreme volatility (or with generally more volatile assets), OVTLYR behavioral analytics reflect ideal holding periods of approximately a month on average.

  • During periods of reduced or average volatility, ideal holding periods may last several months, quarters, even beyond a year in some cases.

Generally no. During the 2021 Pilot Program, there may be instances where significant improvements to our models and/or additional datasets going live may prompt a re-paint in order to better portray the historical impact of the given change. In these cases, we will communicate any alterations to historical charts in advance through both email and in the Updates section of the Resources menu so that you have time to collect data you consider relevant.

Consensus on end-of-day pricing (such as those used to indicate closing price on OVTLYR heatmaps) is something of a myth. Often, differences can be attributed to adjustment methodology. While we do not fully know the unpublished methodologies used by other providers, OVTLYR follows the process outlined by Quandl HERE. This approach adds considerable visibility on the impact of corporate actions typically omitted by other sources, and we feel best serves the OVTLYR community.

After a stock splits, we will temporarily take down the symbol to update our model and to avoid confusion. We are continually speeding up this process to reduce the amount of down time our members experience and appreciate your patience.

OVTLYR is continually training and adding new symbols to the coverage list (typically made available in bulk with major updates). Over 1,300 of the largest market cap, most liquid single-names are supported at present. Names are chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Market capitalization (larger market caps receiving priority).

  • Diverse data availability.

  • Minimum longevity requirement.

It should be noted that assets failing to meet acceptable signal-to-noise ratio standards will be omitted from display.

The current complete coverage list is available HERE.

The decision was made to make OVTLYR publicly available before every symbol had been trained so that members could begin to learn how to leverage our data. This is one of the many reasons we are running the free pilot through 2021.

Please note that assets which fail to meet minimum requirements for inclusion will be omitted until the requirements are met.