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Markets are People. People are Predictable.

Humans are creatures of habit. We make decisions around repeatable patterns and heuristics.

The data we create grows at an exponential rate and conveys the ways we think & actions we will take.

Markets can be Irrational. Irrationality Doesn’t have to be a Surprise.

OVTLYR’s unique AI captures diverse data to:

  • Uncover hidden cognitive biases.

  • Analyze the impact of behavioral factors on investments.

  • Predict where pockets of fear & greed create opportunities for our members.

Context is Crucial.

OVTLYR also provides financial data & breaking news, along with easy ways to identify and save relevant information helping to separate the signal from noise.

OVTLYR’s behavioral analytics are unique to fundamental & technical analysis. They can be layered onto existing strategies without the threat of over-weighting traditional sources.

Who is OVTLYR For?

Members who are neither highly active nor completely passive have the most to gain. These are the investors too busy to take on the lifestyle of a full-time trader but are also dissatisfied with holding through pronounced downturns in the market.

OVTLYR was designed to be responsive when you need it and low-hassle when you don’t. If dollar-cost-averaging and regular rebalancing are in your comfort zone, you’ve come to the right place.

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Why Make OVTLYR Widely Available?

Because it’s time to democratize the power of behavioral analytics and fundamentally change the way we all manage our investments.

It’s easy to say, “buy low & sell high,” but it’s far more difficult to do so when the pressure is on.

Feedback from our members helps us to build the solutions you want, the way you want it. We LOVE hearing from you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is Behavioral Finance?

Behavioral Finance is the study of how psychological influences impact market outcomes. It’s about knowing how over 200 cognitive biases affect the way you – and every other investor – approach the market.

Some of the measured biases OVTLYR behavioral analytics are derived from evolve incrementally, whereas others may shift dramatically (typically in conjunction with a major catalytic event, but not always). Datapoints are collected daily prior to running the trajectory prediction model, and likewise the portal is updated daily prior to market open.

Think of the market like a lion and everyone interacting with it a gazelle. Lions eat gazelles, but only from the back of the herd. Understanding where the “herd” is currently and the next direction it’s most likely to take is priceless when it comes to avoiding the lion’s claws & jaws.

Just as behavioral analytics require financial context to offer explainability, fundamental & technical analysis require visibility on market participant behaviors to fully identify opportunities that are both purposely contrarian and rational.

Behaviors take time to manifest into opportunities, and the amount of time can fluctuate. There is no crystal ball for the stock market, but in thorough testing we have observed the following:

  • During periods of extreme volatility (or with generally more volatile assets), OVTLYR behavioral analytics reflect ideal holding periods of approximately a month on average.

  • During periods of reduced or average volatility, ideal holding periods may last several months, quarters, even beyond a year in some cases.

OVTLYR will rank every symbol in our database. You can think of these rankings as the combined oscillator/heatmap value for a particular symbol. Symbols on the Discount side will typically have low oscillator values and a red heatmap while those on the Premium side will typically have high oscillator values and a blue heatmap.

Please note: OVTLYR is optimized for long-only exposure. For example:

An asset may appear in the Premium list, indicating an irrationally high exuberance toward the asset and an opportunity to rebalance into other assets with a greater potential for appreciation. This does not necessarily mean the asset appearing on the Premium list is likely to depreciate significantly in the near future.

We strongly encourage OVTLYR members to review the relationships between the predictive trajectory oscillator, observed behavioral heatmaps and time elapsed for any asset they intend to take a position on.

Please visit our Resources directory HERE

You may also join one of our periodic live webinar presentations. Sign up with just an email address, and we will email notices in advance. If you happen to miss a webinar you can catch the replay on YouTube along with other OVTLYR content.

At any time, you may contact us directly through the Feedback section of the portal, or by emailing us at

If you prefer social media, you can find us on Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Generally no. During the 2021 Pilot Program, there may be instances where significant improvements to our models and/or additional datasets going live may prompt a re-paint in order to better portray the historical impact of the given change. In these cases, we will communicate any alterations to historical charts in advance through both email and in the Updates section of the Resources menu so that you have time to collect data you consider relevant.

Consensus on end-of-day pricing (such as those used to indicate closing price on OVTLYR heatmaps) is something of a myth. Often, differences can be attributed to adjustment methodology. While we do not fully know the unpublished methodologies used by other providers, OVTLYR follows the process outlined by Quandl HERE. This approach adds considerable visibility on the impact of corporate actions typically omitted by other sources, and we feel best serves the OVTLYR community.

After a stock splits, we will temporarily take down the symbol to update our model and to avoid confusion. We are continually speeding up this process to reduce the amount of down time our members experience and appreciate your patience.

OVTLYR is continually training and adding new symbols to the coverage list (typically made available in bulk with major updates). Over 1,300 of the largest market cap, most liquid single-names are supported at present. Names are chosen according to the following criteria:

  • Market capitalization (larger market caps receiving priority).

  • Diverse data availability.

  • Minimum longevity requirement.

It should be noted that assets failing to meet acceptable signal-to-noise ratio standards will be omitted from display.

The current complete coverage list is available HERE.

The decision was made to make OVTLYR publicly available before every symbol had been trained so that members could begin to learn how to leverage our data. This is one of the many reasons we are running the free pilot through 2021.

Please note that assets which fail to meet minimum requirements for inclusion will be omitted until the requirements are met.