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Are you tired of watching other traders succeed while feeling like you're just as smart, if not smarter than them?

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Mark’s Story

It’s easy to be skeptical about trading services with so many options available yet so few which actually work
Meet Mark

Co-Founder at OVTLYR

Your Skepticism is 100% justified. There are many products out there that only benefit the people selling them. But the tools provided here are the same that the OVTLYR team relies on for their own investments

Product Introduction

What is OVTLYR?

OVTLYR is a platform that predicts stock market trends by analyzing investor behavior. The platform started as a research project that aimed to predict how equity investors behave under different market conditions.
Today, OVTLYR has become a platform that generates high probability buy and sell signals based on investor fear and greed data, which can help traders and investors win more trades.


We Predict Stock Market Trends with Investor Behavior so that You can Win More Trades

With OVTLYR you can…

  • 1

    Work less while getting better results

  • 2

    Spend minutes instead of hours per day managing your portfolio

  • 3

    Make sizeable returns on your investment effortlessly

  • 4

    Relax knowing you have the best tool available for avoiding drawdowns

  • 5

    Take your investing to another level with our expert trading tools

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1. Limited to measurements of price, volume, and time

2. Difficult memorization learning curve

3. Difficult memorization learning curve

4. Hours analyzing charts on a screen

5. Standalone only

6. Overpriced


1. Unique behavioral data

2. No expertise required

3. Adaptive to changing market conditions

4. Minimal time commitment

5. Standalone or integrate with existing strategies

6. Affordable

Pros and Cons


  • Requires less time than other systems

  • No learning complicated trading systems

  • Suitable for both active and passive investors

  • Higher risk-adjusted returns and minimal drawdowns

  • Avoid common mistakes with visibility on market irrationality

  • Self-improving algorithms

  • Easy to use with current strategies

  • Quickly track investments with notifications

  • Freedom to use your preferred broker-dealer


  • Relies heavily on technology

  • No use of technical indicators

  • Confidential data and calculations.

  • Strategies may change with system updates

  • Market risk not entirely eliminated


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21-Day Risk Free Trial

Buy & Sell Signals

OVTLYR's Buy & Sell signals adapt to changing market conditions. These unique signals consider proprietary investor behavioral data, the first of their kind to bridge the gap between what investors think and how they act on the market.

  • High probability signals for over 1,600 highly liquid stocks & ETF

  • Detects major drawdowns while ignoring smaller pullbacks during uptrends

  • Detects major drawdowns while ignoring smaller pullbacks during uptrends

Buy & Sell Signals
Heatmap Chart

Price Trajectory Oscillator & Heatmap Charts

Dive deeper with OVTLYR Price Trajectory Oscillator and Heatmap Charts. Easily toggle between the different views to analyze the price trajectory and intensity of fear & greed for stocks and ETFs, providing more control over your buying and selling decisions.

  • Predicts uptrends & downtrends

  • Visual confirmation of strong buying or selling opportunities.

Down-Cycle & Recovery Indicator

These indicators provide a warning to avoid major market drawdowns followed by a recovery period that can provide excellent opportunities to reenter the market

  • Early & severe warnings to impending, near-term drawdowns.

  • Timely indication of ensuing market recovery

Expert Research

Expert Research Tools

OVTLYR features suite goes deeper including Constituent Maps, Directional Volatility Histograms, and Stock Details, all designed to help the advanced trader make informed decisions about their investments.

  • Quickly access key market indicators and stock details in one place

  • Anticipate market movements with insights on emerging trends

  • Gain clarity on asset performance with our proprietary bi-directional volatility data

Favorites List

Sometimes it's hard to keep track of the stocks you've researched, but we've made it easier for you with our favorites list. Simply add the stocks or ETFs you're interested in to your personalized watchlist dashboard, and you'll receive automatic notifications to stay updated on their performance.

  • Keep track of your favorite stocks in one place for easy monitoring and comparison

  • Receive automatic notifications on their performance

Favorites List


Notifications are set up automatically for stocks or ETFs added to your favorites list, but can be customized in the settings. This feature allows you to stay updated on your favorite stocks & ETFs and make informed decisions daily.

  • Automatically receive buy & sell notifications

  • Receive Down-cycle & Recovery Indicator notifications.

  • Customize notifications to fit your preferences

Risk-Free Trial: 21 Days to Try Our System

At OVTLYR, we understand that it can be difficult to trust a new trading platform or system. That's why we offer a 21-day, no-risk trial period. You can cancel at any time within the trial period. We're confident that our system will provide you with the financial security and success you've been searching for so give it a try today. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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