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  • Buy & Sell
    Buy & Sell Signals

    Know When To Get In & Out Of Positions

  • Profit
    Behavioral HeatMap Charts

    Profit When Others Are Fearful Or Greedy

  • Up or Down
    Price Trajectory Oscillator

    Clearly Identify Stock Trajectory Direction (Up or Down) & Reversals

  • Uptrend & Downtrend
    Uptrend & Downtrend Indicators

    Clearly Identify Trends. Avoid Market Pullbacks.

  • Histogram
    Directional Volatility Histogram

    See If Each Asset Has Been Behaving Rationally

  • Boat
    Index & Sector Constituent Maps

    Know If Each Sector Is Facing Headwinds or Tailwinds

  • Winning Strategies
    Active Trading Rooms Led By Pros

    Easy to Follow Winning Strategies

  • Lists
    Bull & Bear Lists

    Easily Find Hot Opportunities

  • Favorite List
    Favorite List

    Quickly Track & Follow Your Favorite Stocks

  • Notifications
    Email Notifications

    Receive Timely Alerts on Your Favorite Stocks

  • Discussions
    OVTLYR Community

    Discord Server for Member Support, Trading Ideas Sharing & Strategy Discussions

  • Listed Stocks
    Only Trade The Best

    Coverage of Over 1,700 of the Highest Liquidity U.S. Listed Stocks & ETFs

Frequently asked questions

Yes; however, you will not be charged during your 21-day free trial.

We accept all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. All payment processing is completed through Stripe.

Absolutely! During the 21-day free trial period, you have full access to the “Elite” suite of tools and features without any restrictions. This allows you to fully explore and experience the platform and its capabilities before making a commitment.

You will be billed according to the membership plan you've selected. You will be charged at the end of the 21-day free trial unless you cancel before your trial ends. Your plan will auto-renew at the end of each billing cycle based on your selection.

Manage your subscription in the settings menu of the OVTLYR portal.

Yes, you can cancel your subscription anytime and you will not be billed going forward. You will still have full access to your account and OVTLYR features according to your membership plan during the remainder of the current billing cycle. We do not provide refunds for the current billing cycle.

No problem! With OVTLYR's buy & sell signals, you don't need to be an expert trader to take advantage of market opportunities. By simply following our signals, you can start making informed trading decisions in minutes regardless of your experience level.

Yes, you need to have a separate brokerage account. Please note that OVTLYR is not a brokerage service and does not place trades for you through the platform.

No service - including OVTLYR - can guarantee that you will make money. Our platform provides you with high probability buy & sell signals as well as research tools to help you make informed investment decisions. However, it is important to understand that investing always carries some level of risk, and losses can occur. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you conduct your own research and invest wisely.

Notifications are delivered via e-mail and can be viewed within the portal at this time. However, once our app is complete, we will offer real-time push notifications to keep you up-to-date on your favorite stocks and ETFs. Stay tuned for updates on our app release.

OVTLYR currently supports over 1,600 of the most liquid stocks & ETFs accounting for well over $40 trillion in total market cap. We are constantly expanding our coverage list by training and adding new symbols to ensure you have access to the most complete market information possible. Symbols are chosen based on these criteria:

  • • Market capitalization

  • • Diverse data availability

  • • Minimum longevity requirement

While we strive to provide comprehensive coverage, we only display assets that meet our high signal-to-noise ratio standards. You can view our complete coverage list HERE Please note that assets failing to meet the minimum requirements for inclusion will be omitted until the requirements are met.

End-of-day pricing consensus is a myth, but reputable sources typically report very similar values. Price differences can often be attributed to varying adjustment methodologies. Prices seen on OVTLYR are adjusted for corporate actions. Company fundamental data provided courtesy of [Tiingo] https://www.tiingo.com/.

Opportunities arise as behavioral extremes manifest over time, and the duration can vary. Erratic market conditions typically result in shorter holding periods, whereas trending conditions usually lead to extended holding periods often exceeding several months.

  • • Active traders searching for better setups & more wins.

  • • Passive investors who want to avoid significant drawdowns.

  • • Dollar-cost-averaging investors looking for better value buy-ins.

  • • Option traders who want to optimize positions with underlying signals & data.

  • • New traders who want to get started right with best-in-class signals.

  • • Experts seeking data-based improvements to their current strategies.

  • • Asset managers responsible for increasing capital allocation efficiency.

  • • Anyone who wants to reduce their market risk along with the stress of investing.

  • • Any stock market investors interested in improving their investment outcomes.

Stay Tuned.