Powerful Features That Turn Your Trading Journey into a Success Story

“People Move Markets. OVTLYR Captures People's Fear & Greed in Ever-Changing Market Conditions. It's a Game-Changer for Traders.

-Mark Gorzycki & Mahesh Kashyap, OVTLYR Co-Founders

Ease of Use

Best suited for both beginners & advanced traders
  • High Probability, A.I Generated Buy & Sell Calls
  • Build Your Own Scanner
  • Get Daily Buy & Sell Ideas

Buy & Sell Signals: Know When to get in & out of Positions.

Built using our unique data & advanced A.I, these signals pinpoint profitable opportunities, minimizing losses. This tool enhances trading strategies, ensuring timely decisions in a fluctuating market.

“Outperformance requires leverage, selective contrarianism, or both”

Stock Scanner

Stock & ETF Scanner

Build your List with market cap, sector & Industry Filters.

Bull & Bear Lists: Easily Find Hot Opportunities.

This streamlines & curates most recent Buy & Sell signals for Stocks & ETFs for potential hot trade setup. A clear daily count of opportunities provides holistic view of potential Bull or Bear market conditions.

Create Your Own Signal

A unique & powerful way to identify ideal entry & exit zones using Investor Behavioral Data
  • OVTLYR A.I. Predicts When Price Trends Change
  • Identify When Investors are Fearful or Greedy
  • Turn Insightful Perspectives from OVTLYR into Your Own Market Edge.

Price Trajectory Oscillator: Clearly Identify Stock Trajectory Direction & Reversals.

The Price Trajectory Oscillator is an innovative indicator that provides traders with a clear view of stock trajectory direction and potential reversals. Our trajectory oscillator predicts where stock or ETF price trajectory is headed for the near-to-intermediate future, ensuring traders can make informed decisions and capitalize on market shifts.

“Know when you are swimming with or against the market current”

Behavioral Heatmap Charts: Profit When Others Are Fearful or Greedy.

Our Behavioral heatmap charts provides visibility into changing Investor Sentiment for over 1600 stocks & ETFs. Areas of Fear (red) & Greed (green) are highlighted to show you when investors have OVERREACTED to current financial & economic conditions. These Charts offer a unique edge that no other tool provides, enabling profits when others react emotionally.

“Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy”

Identify Trends & Avoid Market Pullbacks Make trend your friend to win more.

When multiple sectors & Indexes move you should know.
  • OVTLYR A.I. Predicts When Price Trends Change
  • Identify When Investors are Fearful or Greedy
  • Turn Insightful Perspectives from OVTLYR into Your Own Market Edge.

Uptrend and Downtrend Indicators: Clearly Identify Trends and Avoid Market Pullbacks.

The Uptrend (Green Overlays) & Downtrend (Red Overlays) are pivotal indicators for traders, offering timely alerts to ride through an ongoing uptrend or sidestep significant market pullbacks. By identifying these uptrends & downtrends you can navigate market with more confidence and unpresented foresight.

“In the stock market, the trend is your friend… until it isn’t”

Get a Bigger Picture

Top-down visibility on sectors & indexes give you clarity to plan wisely.
  • Gives you a clear picture of broader market trends
  • How a stock behaved historically under market force can provide useful insights
  • Quick understanding of impact of market forces on Index & Sectors

Index & Sector Constituent Maps​: Know If a Sector or Index Is Facing Headwinds or Tailwinds.​

Daily Visual snapshot of companies ranked for their OVTLYR Fear & Greed score within an Index or sector provides an excellent confirmation of the evolving trend that help build a strong trading strategy while keeping a medium to long term view in sight.

Directional Volatility Histogram: See If Each Asset Has Been Behaving Rationally.​

OVTLYR’s unique approach to calculating downside & upside volatility independently showcases the “real risk” of owning a stock. It helps you understand about how stock has responded to volatility in past.

World Class Training & Support

Webinars, Trading Rooms, Community Discord, Timely support & More
  • Trading room supported by Pro Traders

  • Access to Growing OVTLYR trading community

  • One of the Best Support networks in the industry

Training & Support

Better Experience

Do not miss on events that matter
  • Timely Notifications & Ease of Navigation

Favorite List: Quickly Track & Follow Your Favorite Stocks.​

The Favorite List is a streamlined tool for investors to monitor and engage with their preferred stocks. Curate your personalized list, track stock performance, stay updated & act promptly on market movements.

Notifications: Receive Timely Alerts on Your Favorite Stocks.​

Receive timely alerts on your favorite stocks. These updates ensure investors are promptly informed of significant market movements, enabling them to act swiftly and make informed decisions.

Only Trade the Best

Coverage of Over 1,600 of the Highest Liquidity U.S. Listed Stocks & ETFs: OVTLYR emphasizes quality over quantity, focusing on “blue chip” large & upper-mid cap U.S. stocks & ETFs with a combined market capitalization over $40T. This curated selection ensures traders engage with the most stable and liquid assets, optimizing their trading experience, reliability, and potential returns.

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