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If you are just starting out, trading doesn't have to be complicated. Our advanced research gives you an opportunity to be greedy when markets are fearful and seek safety when markets are greedy. Find our buy & sell signals updated daily on the Watchlist.

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  • 1. Go to Watchlist

    From the Watchlist, apply filters of your choice to narrow the Bull & Bear list results and select a stock or ETF.

  • 2. Check the Stock or ETF Details

    Investigate trends on the asset using the behavioral heatmap and price trajectory oscillator on the “Stocks & ETFs” page to understand why a signal was given for the asset you selected.

  • 3. Add to Favorites & Get Buy or Sell Notifications

    Click on the star next to a stock’s ticker symbol to add it to your favorites. Once you've added a stock or ETF, notifications are automatically set up and can be further customized in the notification settings.

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Buy & Sell Signals

OVTLYR’s Buy & Sell signals adapt to changing market conditions. During extended trends, a signal may remain active for a prolonged period, whereas in highly volatile or “choppy” markets a signal may only remain active for a few days or weeks. These unique signals consider proprietary investor behavioral data, the first of their kind to bridge the gap between what investors think and how they act on the market.

Outperformance requires leverage, selective contrarianism, or both

Buy & Sell signals can be found in the Watchlist, Bull & Bear list sections, respectively

Bull & Bear Lists

The most recent Buy & Sell signals for Stock & ETFs are populated in the Bull & Bear lists

What is it for?
  • The only scanner for active traders capable of leveraging behavioral data.

  • Further refine scanner results with market cap, sector & industry filters

Price Trajectory Oscillator

Our trajectory oscillator predicts where stock or ETF price trends are headed for the near-to-intermediate future. Our heatmap investor fear & greed data and proprietary directional volatility are used as key inputs for this predictive model, making it a unique & powerful investment tool.

In the stock market, the trend is your friend… until it isn't

Because our system is based on dynamic investor behaviors instead of static indicators, OVTLYR is more adaptive to changing conditions than competing signal services. That means it can act aggressively in trending conditions and defensively in ranging or volatile times.

How do I use it?
  • Identify trends in investor fear or greed based upon its up or down direction

  • Use in tandem with the heatmap data to identify more opportunities

  • Use it as an overlay of the daily candlestick charts for ease of reference

Heatmap Chart

Our proprietary heatmap chart for stocks & ETFs represent pockets of irrational investor fear & greed represented by colors red & green respectively on a daily basis.

Be greedy when others are fearful and be fearful when others are greedy

How do I use it?
  • Buying opportunities frequently occur in red zones

  • Selling opportunities frequently occur in green zones

  • The darker the color gradient the stronger the buy or sell opportunity

  • The heatmap is overlaid on daily close price for quick reference

  • Use in tandem with the heatmap data to identify more opportunities

Down-Cycle & Recovery Indicators

These indicators provide a warning to avoid major market drawdowns followed by a recovery period that can provide excellent opportunities to reenter the market. These indicators are applied at the sector - and respective constituents - level and typically affect multiple sectors at once.

Sometimes avoiding major market corrections is all you need

How do I use the Down-Cycle Indicator?
  • An orange overlay is an early warning of impending drawdown

  • A red overlay is a severe warning of very near-term drawdown

  • Avoid drawdowns by reducing risk during these periods

How do I use the Recovery Indicator?
  • A green overlay is an indicator of ensuing recovery

  • A risk-on strategy is more appropriate during these events

Constituent Map

A Sector or an Index is made up of companies grouped together by similarities. Our Constituent Map provides a quick view of daily fear & greed scores for companies which make up that sector or Index arranged from least to greatest.

How do I use it?
  • Because sectors are groups of similar companies, the Constituent Map tells the behind the scene story of what's causing the sector to trend or reverse course

  • Much like watching the tide come in or go out over time, excessive fear or greed among companies accumulates, leading to near-term trend reversals.

Directional Volatility Histogram

Volatility is the measure of price instability - both gains and losses - but to an investor the only real risk is monetary loss. OVTLYR separates downside risk from upside volatility to highlight the “real risk” of owning a stock

Directional Volatility Histogram

Price Charts & Stock Fundamentals

Price charts for stocks & ETFs provide our members with a familiar look & feel to help get started in minutes. Basic stock fundamental data includes PE ratio, market cap, and volume, plus expense ratio for ETFs.

Manage Notifications

How do I manage notifications?
  • Add stocks or ETFs to your favorites.

  • The “Notification Management” page lets you enable or disable Buy/Sell or Down-Cycle/Recovery indicator notifications.

  • Get an email alert when a Buy/Sell or Down-Cycle/Recovery indicator is triggered.

Market Coverage

We cover over 1,600 of the largest market cap, highly liquid US Stocks & ETFs. See the full list here. We have a very stringent methodology to onboard companies due to a very expansive data requirement. We regularly onboard more companies as they meet our input data criteria. We do not cover companies with a market cap below $2 Billion due to liquidity constraints.

Why should you trust our signals and data?

Our team of leading researchers with well over a century of combined expertise in behavioral economics, artificial intelligence, and financial markets designed OVTLYR from the ground up to level the playing field for retail investors.

How it works
Signals & Data Signals & Data

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Generate Signals Generate Signals

Generate Your Own Signals

With an in-depth understanding of Price Trajectory Oscillator, Heatmap, and Down-cycle & Recovery Indicators you can effortlessly generate your own signals

  • In the Heatmap Chart, locate deep red zones and identify upward inflection points in the Price Trajectory Oscillator corroborating the onset of an up-trend and buying opportunity.

  • In the Heatmap Chart, locate deep green zones and identify downward inflection points in the Price Trajectory Oscillator corroborating the onset of a down-trend and selling opportunity.

  • Magnitude of the Price Trajectory oscillator plays an important role as extreme oscillation values often result in more favorable - more certain - positions.

  • Down-Cycle Indicators provide early indication to severe warning of a potential major drawdown. Choosing a risk-off strategy during the time this indicator is active can help you mitigate losses.s.

  • The Recovery Indicator is best suited for identifying market reentry following recent drawdown, and typically presents an opportunity for sizable gains in a passive capacity

Improve Your Systems & Set-ups

  • Use our Bull & Bear list as a filter for your existing system to identify high probability trades

  • Trade options with a simple low risk strategy of buying long-dated calls in- or at-the-money when a buy signal is presented (or buying criteria met via accompanying OVTLYR charts) for a stock or ETF

  • Buy put options (or sell calls) when the Down-Cycle Indicator overlay alert activates.

  • Trade options with a simple low risk strategy of buying long-dated calls in- or at-the-money when a buy signal is presented (or buying criteria met via accompanying OVTLYR charts) for a stock or ETF

  • Gain clarity on the near-term behavior of the broader market by accessing OVTLYR's index and sector level data aggregations and leverage this information through long/short positions..

Generate Signals

Improve Your Systems & Set-ups

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